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Our Services

$100Basic Review

This is our fastest, easiest service. Simply upload a project containing 30 images or less and we'll match you with a Reviewer, or you can choose your own for an additional $50. Within 72 hours you'll receive comprehensive audio commentary from an Eyeist expert.

$150Website Review

Eyeist Reviewers can also take a closer look at your website. Whether you have questions about design, site architecture, or overall branding, you'll receive expert audio commentary on your website within 72 hours from your booking date.

$200Live Review

Using our interactive workspace and VOIP voice technology, schedule a private 20-minute real-time session with one of Eyeist's experts. You can either choose your Reviewer or have us select one for you. With flexible scheduling and presentations of up to 30 images, the Live Review is the best way to collaborate and connect at Eyeist.


Get the help you need to narrow down your images and highlight the absolute cream of the crop. This review starts with a maximum of 150 pictures. You can either choose your Reviewer or let us do the matchmaking. Working with renowned photo editors who will select, or edit down your project to a specific number of images—will enable you to showcase your talent along with your greatest photographs for your portfolio, book, or gallery show. This service comes with complimentary audio commentary, allowing you to hear your Eyeist Reviewer's perspective while they walk you through their thinking and approach to your edit. For an additional $75 you can upgrade this service to a 20-minute live, interactive session.

$350Editing and Sequencing

The next step after editing is to organize your images into a cohesive narrative. You can either choose your Reviewer or we can pair you with one, based on your project. An expert will help edit images from a maximum of 150 down to a group of selects, or to a number of your choosing. Then we'll put them in a sequence that allows you to showcase the scope and storyline of your project. From creating family albums to creating an image catalog or commercial portfolio, this comprehensive service is the final phase before finishing and publishing your project. This service also includes an audio commentary that can be upgraded to a Live Review for an additional $75.

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