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Anna Alexander
Photo Director

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Dwell Magazine

Photo Director

Wired Magazine

Deputy Photo Editor

The Industry Standard

Photo Editor



Still Life, Landscape, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Travel, Street, Architecture / Interiors

Anna Alexander is Photo Director at Dwell magazine in San Francisco, Ca. She's been producing photo shoots and wrangling photographers for over fifteen years. Prior to Dwell, Anna was photo editing at Wired & Industry Standard magazines. In the beginning of her career, she dodged and burned as a black-and-white darkroom printer, which she still does every now and then to rekindle her roots. Anna has a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona and lives in San Rafael, Ca. with her husband and two children.¬


“Working with Anna one on one is a rare treat, and it’s immediately evident that she cares deeply about photography. She encourages new ways of visually defining challenging subjects, and is incredibly positive and composed while deep in the creative process. Working with her always forces me to seek out the gems, both during the shoot as well as the edit, and the end result often surprises us and takes us in directions never thought we’d go. It’s a photographic journey and a pleasure every time.”
Joe Pugliese, photographer

“I met Anna's artistic vigor in 1998 at Wired Magazine. Her insight was an inspiration to my young photographer eye. Anna’s sensibility for style is matched by her talent in assigning, dedication to photographers and creative direction on set. She is nuanced yet specific in ways that allow me as a photographer to channel my personal style while challenging myself to meet the highest standard possible. Her engaging personality and sharp professionalism makes working with her a golden opportunity.”
Robyn Twomey, photographer

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