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Barbara Bordnick

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Advertising, Publishing, Editorial, Education

Fashion, Portraiture, Nudes, Flower Still Life

Born in the Bronx, New York, the internationally renowned portrait and fashion photographer, Barbara Bordnick, began her career in Copenhagen and Paris before returning to open a studio in New York in 1969 where her photography in HARPER’S BAZAAR began drawing acclaim. From her fashion photography to portraits of jazz musicians, her nudes and lyrical images of flowers Bordnick’s elegant work has been exhibited and published internationally over the past 40 years.
The recipient of numerous awards, and honors, she has published three books, Searchings: Secret Landscapes of Flowers, Volumes I, II and III. She served as the first woman president of American Society of Media Photographers and Advertising Photographers of America, New York.
An adjunct professor in photography at Parsons, NYC, she is a much sought-after lecturer and teacher, has taught workshops internationally, and is one of the prestigious Canon Explorers of Light.


“Over the years I have had the privilege of frequently seeing slideshows, talks, and presentations by Barbara Bordnick. What always surprised and delighted me was the breadth, imagination and quality of the work. "Her subject matter and the interests constantly change, but the level of curiosity and commitment never do. From portraits to fashion to flowers, to name just a few of her interests, she is always informative and inspiring.”
Jay Maisel, Photographer

“Barbara’s visual acuity and sense of purpose as a photographer serves her well as a teacher. I’ve worked with her in both capacities—as art director designing her books and as a speaker invited to her classes—and I cannot help but wish that I had had a teacher like her when I was finding my way. She doesn’t just look at your work. She looks into it -- for what could make it special. Her insights are always delivered with one absolute in mind—to challenge you and make your work better. ”
Gregory Wakabayashi, Art Director, Welcome Books, NY

“A former student of Barbara’s, I owe a great deal of my success to her. She's been a mentor of mine since I was her student and assistant. Now that I’m a very busy professional photographer and educator myself, Barbara continues to help me navigate the waters with clients, peers and my own students. Her inspiration and style are matched by her rare ability to stay current with technology, photographic processes and trends. She is a resource and friend I literally could not have made it without.”
Noah Fecks, Photographer