Eyeist: Cindy Hicks

Cindy Hicks
Creative Director/Art producer

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Mon-Fri: 9am-4:30pm
Sat: 10am-3PM
Other hours by request.

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The Martin Agency

Senior Art Producer


Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, Curation/Fine Art, Marketing, Stock

Conceptual, Documentary/Photojournalism, Still Life, Food, Landscape, Nature, Fashion, Sports, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Travel, Weddings, Street, Automotive, Underwater, General

Whether you need a producer with a photographer’s head or a photographer with a producer’s head. An art producer with a photographer’s eye who will shoot straight about your book and I have seen thousands of books & hundreds of thousands of mailers. Or an adjunct studio manager to help you with those estimates. I see this as a organic process. I will be what each job needs me to be. Now a little of how I got here : After cracking opening a 126 film canister & developing it in a tray at age 11, my ties with photography have never wavered. From a high school internship at a the local newspaper that led to a job with them, to a BFA in Communications arts and design, I have done editorial, corporate, advertising, ran a custom darkroom (with a dip & dunk E-6 line!) Studio Manager, Producer, and my own Production / Prop styling company (propiratzi) And all that before 15 years with one of the top Advertising agencies; The Martin Agency as a senior art producer. Clients included: Walmart, Timberland, Expedia, John F. Kennedy Library Museum, BF Goodrich, Hanes, Barely There and many more.


“I highly recommend Eyeist. Cindy Hicks is AMAZING. I feel that my portfolio went from good to strong after my Edit and Sequencing with Cindy. My live review with Cindy was so helpful—I was able to discuss and ask questions. When I printed and presented my book after the Edit, art buyers responded positively to the content, image sequencing and spreads in my printed book. I now walk into my reviews with an extra little confidence boost because of my Eyeist experience.”
Femi Corazon

“Cindy Hicks was my portfolio reviewer, and I absolutely appreciated and loved everything she said. I was seeking confirmation for what I thought, which she gave me. The feedback gave me some insight that I can now run with. This is a fabulous service at a very fair price and the quick turnaround time does not discount the quality. Thank you, Cindy and everyone at Eyeist.”
Heather Hummel