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Evan Jane Kriss
Director of Photography

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Washington Post Magazine

Photo Editor

New York Times Magazine

Picture Editor

Time Magazine

Picture Editor

Editorial, Curation/Fine Art

Conceptual, Documentary/Photojournalism, Still Life, Food, Landscape, Portraiture, Travel, General, Architecture, Home & Design

EVAN JANE KRISS is an accomplished photographic editor, director and content curator who conceives compelling creative solutions and produces engaging content for a range of media outlets. Most recently as a Business Affairs Manager in Marcom at Apple, a creative/legal position responsible for curating, developing, securing and licensing content used to demonstrate functionality in Apple devices used in various marketing deliverables worldwide. Previously as the Photo Editor of The Washington Post Magazine for 6 years, responsible for assigning and directing photographers, curating and editing all photographic content of the weekly magazine and numerous special Photo issues, Travel issues, Dining Guides, Home and Design and Education Reviews. Prior to that she spent 12 years as a picture editor on a small staff at The New York Times Magazine, working on covers to feature stories to special issues, as photo editor of The Way We Lived Now front of the book section and The Lives They Lived annual. She started her career at TIME Magazine where over 7 years in the photo department she held various positions, first as Assistant to the Photo Editor, then as a Picture Editor for Time’s domestic and international editions and concurrently as Time’s Photo Contest Editor, selecting and entering work from staff and freelance contributors worldwide into photojournalism competitions. Evan was on staff at The Eddie Adams Workshop for 17 years in various roles, as Team Producer, Team Editor and member of the Board of Directors. While in Washington DC, she was invited to serve for several years on a panel of Photojournalism Judges for the Robert F. Kennedy Awards for Excellence in Journalism, selecting outstanding projects focused on human rights and social justice issues. Evan has been a staff member at FotoFusion for 9 years, speaking about photography on various panels and conducting portfolio reviews.


“Thank God for Evan Kriss. As an editor, curator and mentor, Evan did more than encourage a bold approach to Washington, D.C., she funded and published it. That’s hard to do, especially nowadays. She’s a woman with flare, impeccable taste, energy and an impressive knowledge of photography, art and culture. If you’re a young photographer, she’s the kind of editor that shapes you; if you’re a seasoned one, she’s the editor you wish you’d worked with all your life.”
Andrew Cutraro, Photographer

“I've been truly lucky to work with Evan Kriss, first at The New York Times Magazine and then at The Washington Post Magazine. Evan is one of the best editors I have ever worked with; her encouragement, direction and editing of my pictures always made the story better and helped me find its truth and beauty. I hope to work with Evan for many more years.”
Mark Peterson, Photographer

“Evan and I started working together early in my professional career on a variety of stories at The Washington Post Magazine. Whether the images were for a weekly column, a feature or a cover story, she was always eager to discuss my ideas as well as hers in terms of creative direction and approach. She was very honest and direct about what worked and what didn't. Through working with her I found where my passions and strengths lay and came out with a strong portfolio and a defined style.”
Benjamin C Tankersley, Photographer