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Heather is most widely known for her popular and influential blog, authored from 2008 - 2011, HMAb (www.heathermorton.ca/blog) which offered unique insights into the Art & Commerce of photography. An indispensable resource, its readership capped at more than 25,000 unique visitors and 200,000 pageviews a month. Consequently, Heather has become recognized as an industry expert: speaking to groups across the country about trends in commercial photography, quoted often in trade publications, speaking as a guest at photography schools and most recently as a sessional instructor at Sheridan Institute

Heather comes to consulting with over 10 years experience as an Art Buyer. After 5 years as the Head of Art Buying at one of Canada’s largest advertising agencies, Heather began offering freelance Art Buying Services in the fall of 2006. In this unique role, she scouts talent, awards jobs and produces photo shoots for major Canadian agencies including Zulu Alpha Kilo, John St., Juniper Park and Leo Burnett. She has worked on campaigns for Molson, IKEA, Nike, McDonald's and Pfizer.

For the last 5 years, Heather has also worked as a photographer consultant- helping photographers build the best portfolio possible utilizing her unique insights into the demands of the commercial world.

Additionally, Heather has appeared many times in PDN Magazine, Applied Arts, and No Plastic Sleeves and has been interviewed as part of ADBASE's Art Buyer's Lounge series. She is a frequent speaker and portfolio reviewer throughout Canada and is currently part-time faculty in Sheridan Institute's Bachelor of Applied Arts Program.

Through her close working relationships with photographers and Art Directors, Heather has had the opportunity to view and assess hundreds of portfolios from around the globe and believes that successful books communicate both a unique creative vision plus technical and professional expertise.


“Heather not only has a great eye for visuals, but an ability to speak about vision clearly. But it is not just the vernacular of photography that is Heather’s strength, it is the ability to see who the artist is at first glance. Heather is able to take a look at all the work as a whole, and then cull or photo edit not just the best photos, but the ones that really tell a story. Heather’s insight and knowledge as an art buyer is an invaluable service in the photography industry.”
Natasha Nicholson: www.natnicphoto.com

“What do you want in an Editor? Someone who gets to the point, doesn't butter up your artistic, emotional bread and gives you an unwavering, educated opinion without making you cry. Heather is this woman. It's not an easy task to cut up an artists' collection, piece back together the most coherent bits and do it with kind, diplomatic stealth. Heather is smart, quick, concise and gently aggressive. After our meeting, I felt lighter and more prepared to move forward than I had in a long time.”
Kerry Shaw: www.kerryshaw.com

“I needed help to elevate my brand to the next level and Heather's critical eye and industry knowledge were invaluable. She helped me to zero in on the essence of my photography and present it in a far more effective and refined way. Coming from another person the feedback might have been difficult but Heather is such a compassionate soul that you know she's with you all the way. I came to Heather because I believed she was the best and still the experience exceeded all expectations.”
Ewan Nicholson: www.ewannicholson.ca