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Jasmine DeFoore
Photo Editor and Marketing Consultant

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Advertising, Publishing, Corporate, Editorial, Marketing

Documentary/Photojournalism, Food, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Travel, Street

Commercial and editorial photo editor and consultant with over 15 years of experience in assigning, licensing, editing, marketing and promoting photography.


“Jasmine is an editing powerhouse. She has a great eye for pairing images as well as creating an engaging flow throughout the portfolio. We worked with her to refresh our 2012 portfolio. Not only did she edit 1000+ images into a killer portfolio, she sparked a new direction to focus intentions while staying true to the energy and history of the work. We are so lucky to have her by our side as we continue to evolve and grow.”
Leah Fasten

“I came to Jasmine for help with an edit for a new selection of images for the launch of my new website. Jasmine perpetually exceeded my expectations. She made careful edits and thoughtful revisions until I was left with a really tight series of galleries for my new site. What impressed me most was her attention to detail and her ability to listen and understand what I was after. I feel lucky to have Jasmine on my side. I've had great response from the editors I wanted to reach.”
Kari Medig

“Jasmine is fantastic! I was just getting started and didn't know my ass from my elbow, but she kicked me into shape. The very day my first mailer landed on photo editor's desks, I booked my first national magazine job! With her re-organization of my website edits, it's like she saw which direction I wanted to head, better than I could. Seeing it all put together has in turn helped me refine my own style.”
Sarah Lim