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Lynn Goldsmith

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Publishing, Editorial, Curation/Fine Art, Stock

Conceptual, Documentary/Photojournalism, Nature, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Street

A photographer for over 40 years, Lynn Goldsmith has 11 books of images on varied subjects: from rock stars to flowers to self portraits. With over 100 album covers to her credit, she has been honored by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as won numerous worldwide awards for her portraiture. From the 1970’s thru the 1990’s, when her focus was editorial, her images graced the covers of most of the world’s prestigious magazines including: Life, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Elle. Since 1997 she has been working more in the photographic world of fine art than the commercial one, though she still takes on assignments she finds interesting. In addition, Lynn was the founder of a photo agency, LGI, that for 20 years licensed the work of over 200 photographers worldwide, thus she has a great deal of experience in the business of photography and in what it takes to get and continue to get work both with what you create and what you know about the importance of personal relationships.

• Lucien Clergue Award, World, Press in Portraiture, Nikon, Spider Awards, PDN Faces
• In collections of Kodak, Polaroid, The National Portrait Gallery, The Smithsonian, and The Norton Museum,
• NY Times Best Seller List for coffee table photobook - New Kids
• Youngest person to direct a Network TV show: ABC In Concert
• #1 single and #3 album in UK as the recording artist Will Powers
• has written songs with Sting, Steve Winwood, Todd Rundgren


“Lynn was always the best rock & roll photographer. You trusted her and her camera and in that way she always got shots that no one else could. You felt she was living in the same world you were and that was worth a lot when you’re all young and suspicious of authority. Plus the most important thing, she made you look good. She got more activity out of the surly 80s era Heartbreakers than anyone.”
Tom Petty

“Lynn is the boss. When she picks up her camera, my dragon boots buckle at the knees. She makes me do things I wouldn't do, unless I was in jail.”
Gene Simmons of Kiss

“She has a wonderful eye. Lynn really worked me over at the right time. She can startle you.”
Keith Richards