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Marvi Lacar
Photographer, Filmmaker

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Documentary/Photojournalism, Lifestyle, Travel, Weddings, Street

Marvi Lacar is a native of the Philippines and moved to the US at the age of 15. She started her career as a photojournalist in 2004 covering domestic and international assignments for clients such as The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Stern, Reader’s Digest, Marie Claire, Glamour and Discovery Inc. She was represented by Reportage by Getty Images and her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, American Photography and Photo District News among other awards. Lacar has recently transitioned into multimedia production hoping for a medium that would allow her subjects to express their stories in their own voice.

After the birth of her two sons, Lacar has managed the studio of her husband, photographer Benjamin Lowy. She has been responsible for multiple web site designs, marketing campaigns, prints sales and the sequencing and edit of many of his feature stories including his Iraq | Perspectives book.


“Marvi is an outstanding editor. She has put together numerous award winning entries and edited three portfolio books for me. She was a valued voice and critic during the entire process of editing my Iraq|Perspectives book. For that project, she sorted through 4000 images to choose the 100 that appeared in print. Lacar is also able to get to the heart of the story. By choosing, not necessarily the most visually striking images, but the ones that express a story and can carry a narrative.”
Benjamin Lowy, Photographer

“When I was in the beginning stages of my portfolio building, Marvi helped edit on numerous projects. We have a similar aesthetic eye and she articulately honed which images worked for my piece for what I was trying to say with my images. I feel fortunate for Marvi's help and insight. She is one of my favorite editors to work with-she has such an acute sensitivity and a heart of gold!”
Whitney Martin, Photographer

“Marvi is a very attentive and intuitive editor. Our collaboration was an educational experience. Unlike most editors who make decisions based only on their own perception, She guided me towards finding my own unique way of storytelling. She helped me to find a balance between aesthetic and psychological aspects of my work through a multi-layered editing strategy. I highly recommend her services to anyone who aspires to push the boundaries of their vision.”
Dima Gavrysh, Photographer

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