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A Philadelphia native, Steve Bronstein has worked as an advertising photographer in New York since the early 80’s. He began his career with noted illustration photographer Steve Steigman, where he quickly rose to prominence in still life at this thriving multi-photographer production company.

In 1990, Bronstein along with fellow Steigman alumni Howard Berman and Gary Hurewitz, established their own Soho studio, continuing with the concept of a multi-talent production company, which through several incarnations evolved into bhivepro.com. This company, in addition to its prodigious output, has nurtured the careers of many now prominent photographers, representatives, producers, stylists, and assistants.

Steve is well known for his work for Absolut. He was the original photographer for the campaign, and produced over 200 executions over a period of 25 years. As a photographer who has worked on thousands of ad executions, and has thrived in both the digital and analog eras, he has much to share.


“We have been taking our senior and graduate illustration photography majors to learn from Steve Bronstein for years. He is an amazing resource for insights on photography, technology, the industry as well as the art and craft of our profession. Steve has the gift to make complex concepts clear and has always helped our students understand the intricacies of the advertising photography world. He delivers these important lessons with passion, straight talk and good humor.”
Dr. Tony Golden, Chair Multimedia Photography & Design, The Newhouse School, Syracuse University

“With the focus of a laser beam, Steve can pull together a photo shoot from top to bottom. Having worked with Steve for the past 30 years, I have rarely found a photographer so clear, articulate and directed. His mind is always working and solving the most complex problems. Steve's aesthetic is dead on and his technique, after years of professional experience, is highly refined. I believe that some of Steve's productions could only be pulled off by him.”
Mark Borow, model maker and special effects designer, principle of McConnell and Borow, Inc.

“I’m so fortunate to have Steve Bronstein in my life. For close to 20 years, he’s been my boss, mentor and friend. His generous and kind spirit has mentored many young photographers along their path and it’s one of his most endearing qualities. He’s the most patient person I know, and the time he spends teaching his assistants or photography students is a testament in itself for his selfless nature.”
Lauren Gabbe, Photographer’s Agent at VAUGHAN HANNIGAN