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Zoe Whishaw
Commercial Photography Consultant

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Gallery Stock

VP Creative and Content Acquisition

Image Source

Creative Director

Getty Images

European Director of Photography


Advertising, Publishing, Corporate, Editorial, Curation/Fine Art, Stock

Conceptual, Documentary/Photojournalism, Still Life, Food, Landscape, Nature, Sports, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Travel, Street, Underwater, General

Zoe is based in London and has spent over 20 years working in the commercial photography industry. She was European Director of Photography at Getty Images where she worked for 17 years, Creative Director at Image Source and consults with Gallery Stock and other premium stock agencies.

Throughout this time she has worked closely with photographers to nurture and develop their talent through feedback, editing, brief development, art direction, inspirational brainstorms and crucially by helping them understand the marketplace for their imagery. She has extensive experience in the international marketplace.

As a commercial photography consultant she regularly develops and runs seminars and workshops around the UK and speaks at international conferences. She mentors photographers on a one-to-one to help inspire their creative direction, refine their vision and develop their portfolios, new project ideas and marketing materials.


“A wonderful 3-hour session. It was very helpful indeed and has opened so many new ideas and it is amazing what you have unlocked in my mind. I feel way more motivated and inspired to move forward. You are really good at what you do. I will definitely recommend you to my network...”
Ciril Jazbec, photographer

“Working with Zoe over the past year has expanded my ability to think creatively, and given me a more focused direction. I have explored imagery to greater depths than I would have done without her expert guidance, the whole process has been very enlightening (and enjoyable) to say the least!”
Darrin Jenkins, photographer

“Zoe helped me cut through the confusion in my photography business and home in on what I'm best at and what sells commercially. She reviewed my portfolio and advised me on how to identify the concepts in photographs that sell. We also discussed in depth how to present my 'brand' to the people and organisations that matter. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Zoe and will be booking regular review sessions.”
Kaleel Zibe, photographer

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